Wix is an affordable CMS for small business, nonprofit, and enterprise clients who want a low-code/no-code website that wows visitors. Wix websites offer out-of-the-box responsive design so your site looks great no matter what device people are using. Built-in marketing tools like email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and analytics give business owners an easy way to reach their audience all in one place.

Industry-specific tools like bookings, reservations, e-commerce shopping, subscriptions, and pricing plans make Wix easily adaptable for your specific needs.


Wix is more than a drag-and-drop editor though. The introduction of Velo by Wix makes the platform scalable in ways you can’t imagine. Velo takes on functionalities that were only ever available on custom-built websites, connects your website to external databases via API, and populates dynamic content on customizable layouts. 


Editor X is Wix’s new website platform. It’s an advanced creation platform for designers and web professionals, allowing them to combine responsive design with smooth drag and drop. Here, your site can have custom code combined with unparalleled professional marketing and SEO tools. This content management system is powerful, built to host data-driven sites and complex web applications. Simply put, Editor X allows increased design-ability with options that never existed before.

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Wix Studio takes Wix’s design-focused approach to a whole new level. In their words, “Focus on design— everything scales automatically.” Without coding, you can set complex responsive behaviors using AI. Plus, for those with coding knowledge, you can code on your own terms in a robust environment, creating anything from custom components to full-stack solutions.

Marketing Tools


Email marketing platform.


Professional eCommerce platform to sell online.


Scheduling platform, calendar, and online booking.

Events + Tickets

Event management platform for tickets and RSVPs.


 Share your expertise and grow your traffic.

Restaurant Orders

Take online orders for pickup and delivery.


Easily collect donations from site visitors.


Flexible Customization
Customize colors, fonts, layouts, and add HTML/CSS code.

Built-in eCommerce
Sell products and accept payments right on your site.

SEO Tools
Improve site search ranking with meta tags, alt text, and more.

Secure and Reliable Hosting
Fast and stable hosting on Wix servers.

App Integrations
Enhance functionality with hundreds of available apps.

Excellent Support
Top-notch customer support team and extensive help center.

Popular Platform
Large Wix user community to learn from and get help.

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